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Northern Cookstoves and Heaters:

Because your investment will live in the "heart of your home," we want you to be completely satisfied with your overall purchase experience—sales, delivery, installation, service and your new stove, heater or fireplace insert. With Northern Cookstoves and Heaters, you can always be assured of getting the very best product that your money can buy. Plus, we stand behind our products and services with a no-pressure sales approach, professional installations and service, Manufacturers’ Warranties, and more.

Northern Cookstoves and Heaters Takes the Next Step:

When you purchase your new stove, heater or fireplace insert from Northern Cookstoves and Heaters—if at any time during the first year you find that you are not completely happy with your purchase—we will refund your money in full. Naturally, some conditions apply. Please call for details: (519) 424-9042

Stock Items:

We generally stock all models of stoves, heaters and fireplace inserts shown here on our website. However, high seasonal demands sometimes affect our supply. If you have questions, are interested in purchasing one of our products, or would like to see a stove in our showroom, please contact us (519) 424-9042

Payment Options:

We gladly accept bank wire transfers (no additional fees apply). We also accept applicable Credit and Debit Card payments made through PayPal payment services (2.9% service charge applies). Currency conversion rates also apply. HST taxes are applicable.


Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for shipping, delivery, and local pickup information and pricing. Specific information is required in order to determine the most cost-effective manner of delivering your new stove, heater, fireplace insert and/or accessories: (519) 424-9042

Referral Incentive Program:

As a way of saying thank you to all our valued customers, Northern Cookstoves and Heaters implemented a referral incentive program for all personal referrals. We will pay you a three percent (3%) incentive for any verified referral contract (before taxes).

Here is an example of how the program works: You have friends over who see your new stove, heater or fireplace insert and wants to make a purchase for their home, cabin or cottage. All you have to do is contact us beforehand via telephone or email to inform us of the referral. Then, once the purchase has been finalized, we will send you a check for 3% of the purchase price ($2,500 = $75).

There are no maximum limits to this offer. You can refer as many friends, family and neighbors as you wish. To take advantage of this great new money-making program, please call us at (519) 424-9042 or send an email to Mike Neutel through our Contact Us page.

Thank you in advance. We truly appreciate your business!

Mike Neutel
President - Northern Cookstoves and Heaters.