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Baker’s Choice

Appearance: The Baker’s Choice is painted with a high heat flat black paint that will protect the unit from corrosion. The cooking area of the stove is made of smooth, polished steel and has two eleven-inch removable lids for loading wood. The Baker’s Choice also comes with a high-back porcelain shelf that is handy for storing items.

Size: This stove is small enough to fit in a small cottage, hunt camp or kitchen, yet can heat up to 2000-Sq. Ft. home. When the oven is not in use, the oven door can be left open, which will cause the oven to act like a heat-exchanger to heat to a cozy-warm temperature even on the coldest nights.

Front Loading Door: The Baker’s Choice front loading door is much larger than those of traditional stoves (see specifications).

Stove Construction: The Baker’s Choice is made of twelve-gauge welded steel for a lifetime of trouble-free performance. In areas of the stove where corrosion would give potential problem, 304 stainless steel is used for increased longevity of the stove.

Ash Removal: Ash removal is made easy with two shaker grates that drop the ashes below the firebox into an ash pan, that can be accessed behind the air-tight door.

Standard Features: Lid lifter, ash pan, porcelain knobs, oven thermometer, poker, grate shaker, and an internal flue damper.

  • Hot Water Coil
  • Warming Oven
  • Reservoir
Dimensions With Reservoir Without Reservoir
Length: 36" -
Width: 24" -
Height: 53.5" -
Cooking Surface
Length: 36" -
Width: 21.5" -
Height: 32.5" -
Oven Dimensions
Depth: 22" -
Width: 19.5" -
Height: 13" -
Firebox Dimensions
Length: 18.5" -
Width: 11.5" -
Height: 14" -
Miscellaneous Information
Loading Door Size: 11” X 11” -
Shipping Weight: 380 lbs -
Flu Location: Rear, Size 7 -
Water Reservoir: 7 U.S. Gallons -
Approx. Heating Area 2000 Sq. Ft. -
Clearances to Combustibles
Left Side: 25” -
Right Side: 18” -
Rear: 25” -
Front: 48” -