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Campfire Grill

If you are an outdoor enthusiast—camping, fishing, hunting or outdoor activities—you will love the Campfire Grill. It will allow you to travel light without having to carry fuel. All you need is an open fire and the Campfire Grill will work just fine.

The Campfire Grill is rectangular and has a rim around the outside so that your food will not roll off. The grill (itself) is food grade nickel plated which protects it from rusting and provides a non-stick cooking surface. It attaches to a five-eighths-inch diameter steel post, which comes with the grill. It can be easily set at the right height for cooking. It will also swing 360 degrees on the post so that your food can be accessed without risk of burning yourself.

Grill: 15.5" x 21.5" rectangular grill with 16" handle
Vinyl Storage Bag: 15.5" x 21.5" rectangular grill with 16" handle