Wood Burning, Airtight Cook Stoves, Heaters, Fireplace Inserts and Accessories

Margin Gem

This is the “Cadillac” of the Margin Gem series—an exceptionally good looking stove that will have people looking twice—yet a stove that is very practical to heat your home as well as cook your meals.

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Flame View

The Flame-view is a very practical stove because it has the largest firebox in the Margin series. It is also a very unique stove because of its side loading glass door. It will always be a conversation piece among family and friends.

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Flame View Heater

Because of its small size, the flame view heater is the perfect heater for home or cottage use. The glass viewing door enhances its already great look.

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Gem Pac

The Margin Gem Pac is the economy stove of the Margin Series. However, in terms of quality and performance, it stands shoulder to shoulder with every stove in the Margin lineup.

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All Margin Cook Stoves and Heaters are airtight. With the new generation of wood burning, airtight cook stoves and heaters, a bed of ash is formed to nest the hot coals and increase efficiency. They will keep a controlled fire all night to heat your home even on the coldest nights. Not only do these stoves provide a great source of alternative heat, they can also be plumbed directly into your home's water system to provide an alternative fuel source to heat your hot water. Hydro, however; is not required to operate any Margin product. All Margin stoves and heaters come with a One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty Plan.


All our stoves are air tight, which means the flame will only burn as hot as the oxygen that is supplied to it. In the past, old cook stoves had so many cracks in the door that the fire would burn at a high rate, consuming a lot of wood and creating uneven room temperatures. Also, the air on older model stoves fed the flame through shaker grates, which in turn let hot coals and ash fall into the ash pan, creating inefficiencies. With the new generation of airtight model stoves and heaters a bed of ashes is formed to create a complete burn.

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All Suppertime stoves and heaters are built utilizing a downdraft system, which means air comes through an air intake at the top of the flame. Each airtight stove is regulated by finger-tipped controls that will provide a controlled fire to consistently heat your home and meals. For off-grid use, none of our stoves require hydro. If you experience a loss of hydro, your home will remain warm and you can continue to cook your meals.

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A water reservoir is located on the top and back of the stove, depending upon the model. It can be used for washing dishes or any chore that requires hot water.

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A warming oven is a metal box that is mounted on the high back of the cook stove in place of the shelf. It is used for keeping your food warm, drying herbs, or even drying your gloves and mittens.

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A hot water coil is a stainless steel coil that is mounted inside the firebox to heat water. The heated water can then be stored in your hot water tank—a simple and inexpensive way to heat water and store it without the use of hydro.

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