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Margin Gem Pac

The Margin Gem Pac is the economy stove of the Margin Series. However, in terms of quality and performance, it stands shoulder to shoulder with every stove in the Margin lineup. This practical workhorse will withstand the test of time. The Gem-Pac also comes with the exclusive “air-jet” re-burn design system that re-burns gases and smoke before exiting the exhaust into the atmosphere.

Standard Features include:

  • 1500 SQ. FT. heating capacity.
  • Top loading door.
  • Bell draft control firebox.
  • Accepts logs that are 17”.
  • Cast iron grating system.
  • Exclusive “Air-jet” re-burn design.
  • Large ash trays.
  • Black porcelain exterior finish.
  • Black porcelain oven interior.
  • Oven draft control.
  • Lid lifter, poker and ash scraper.
  • Limited 1 year warranty.
The best part about Margin Stoves is that they are all custom built to suit your needs and fit your budget. To get started, you will need to decide if you want your stove to have a shelf or warming oven above the cook top. Next, you will need to decide on the color. Black is the factory standard color, white and almond are also available as options.

Colors: Black with nickel trim, Almond with Nickel trim, White with Nickel trim, Black with Black trim.


Fire Box Water Jacket: In place of the firebrick, a water jacket can be installed during the manufacturing process to supplement hot water needs in your home. Your stove can plumb directly into your home's hot water system, and then water can be circulated to your hot water heater and stored; this will take the strain off your utility usage and save you money. The Water Jacket does not affect the size dimensions of the firebox. One or two wall jackets are available.

Copper Water Reservoir: A copper lined reservoir is located on the side of the Margin Gem with a water capacity of 5 gallons. A reservoir will heat hot water and store it. It can be used for any chore that demands hot water like dishes, laundry, cleaning or even used to add humidity to your home. It also adds extra cook top space, which is a must for the serious cook.

20 Gallon Rear Mount Reservoir: This is for the serious hot water user. This stainless steel tank is mounted on the back of the stove. This hot water can be plumbed into an exchanger in your hot air duct on your furnace, that air can then be circulated through your entire home to assist in even, hot air distribution.

Reservoir Faucet: A decorative faucet that will add character to your stove.

Thermostat Control: This mechanical control is a spring coil that expands when warm and contracts when cool. When the room temperature drops, the coil spring shrinks and opens the door at the back of the stove to allow oxygen to the flame, which creates more heat. The opposite works when the room temperature is too high. The coil spring expands and, in turn closes the door to restrict oxygen to the flame, which cools the stove.

Nickel Legs: An excellent option to dress up your stove and give it a rich look.

Maple Leaf Trivets: In the past, trivets were used for warming butter. They are made from cast iron and plated with nickel. They are located on the back splash of the stove and make nice ornamental pieces that add character to the stove.

Coal Options: Please call for information.

Floor Protection: Unit must be placed on non-combustibles like 3/8 mill board extending 18 inches past the front of the stove and 8 inches past the sides and rear. All unit installations must comply with W.E.T.T. Regulations.

Electric Fan with Controls: The electric fan is a option for people who want a touch of history and modernization in their home. The electric fan is mounted on the back of the stove and pushes air through the vents on the side and front of the stove.

Cast Iron Top: The cook top absorbs the most intense heat. Cast iron tops add longevity to the life of the stove as they absorb heat better than steel.

Dimensions With Reservoir Without Reservoir
Overall Length: 50" 40"
Overall Width: 28" 28"
Overall Height: 62" 62"
Height to Cooking Surface: 33" 33"
Cooking Top: 24" X 45” 24" X 35”
Fire Box: 17" L x 9-1/2" W x 14" D 22" L x 9-1/2" W x 14" D
Bake Oven: 20" W x 20" D x 13" H 20" W x 20" D x 13" H
Exhaust Flu: 7" 7"
Reservoir Capacity: N/A 5 Gallons
Heating Capacity: 1750 Sq. Ft 1750 Sq. Ft
Shipping Weight: 500 LBS 450 LBS
Safety Tested: ULC-S627 UL-1482 ULC-S627 UL-1482
Clearances to Combustibles
Back Wall to Unit:
Firebox Side Wall to Unit: 26” 26”
Back Wall to Pipe:
Other Side to Unit:
Firebox Side Wall to Pipe: 39.5” 39.5”
Other Side Wall to Pipe: 30.5” 30.5”