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Pioneer Princess

Appearance: The Pioneer Princess is finished in porcelain black enamel, which is easy to clean, and will keep its shine for many years to come. The cooking area of the stove is made of smooth, polished steel, and it has two eleven-inch removable lids. It also comes with a high-back porcelain shelf that is a handy feature for storing items.

Front Loading Door: The Pioneer Princess is almost the same as the Pioneer Maid but it has a front loading door for easier access.

Stove Construction: The Pioneer Princess is constructed of twelve-gauge welded steel with all internal parts made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. All seams are welded and not screwed.

Ash Removal: Ash removal is made easy with shaker grates that drop the ashes below the firebox into an ash pan that can be accessed behind an air-tight door.

Standard Features: Lid lifter, ash pan, stay-cool wooden knobs, black porcelain finish, spring-loaded oven door, oven thermometer and an internal flue damper.

  • Hot Water Coil
  • Warming Oven
  • Reservoir
Dimensions With Reservoir Without Reservoir
Length: 55" 45"
Width: 28.5" 28.5"
Height: 64.5" -
Cooking Surface
Length: 55" -
Width: 28.5" -
Height: 32.5" -
Oven Dimensions
Depth: 19.5" -
Width: 22" -
Height: 13" -
Firebox Dimensions
Length: 18.5" -
Width: 13.5" -
Height: 18.5" -
Miscellaneous Information
Loading Door Size: 11” X 11” -
Shipping Weight: 650 lbs 600 lbs
Flu Location: Rear, Size 7 -
Water Reservoir: 11 U.S. Gallons -
Approx. Heating Area 2000 Sq. Ft. -
Clearances to Combustibles
Left Side: 25” -
Right Side: 18” -
Rear: 25” -
Front: 48” -