About Northern Cookstoves and Heaters

Because your investment will live in the "heart of your home," we want you to be completely satisfied with your overall purchase experience - sales, delivery, installation, and service of your new wood cook stove, heater or fireplace insert.

With Northern Cookstoves and Heaters, you can always be assured of getting the very best wood cook stoves in Ontario, Canada, as we're the province's authorized retailer of top wood burning cook stove manufactuers, including Suppertime Stoves, Margin Stoves, and Kitch Queen Wood Stoves. Plus, we stand behind our air tight, Amish wood burning cook stoves and services with a no-pressure sales approach, professional installations and service, Manufacturers' Warranties, and so much more.

Thank you in advance. We truly appreciate your business!

Payment Option

We accept payment via e-transfer, wire transfer, bank draft, credit, PayPal, and cheque.  We do not accept debit.  Currency conversion rates apply.  Taxes are applicable.


Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for shipping, delivery, and local pickup information and pricing for your wood burning cooking stove or wood burning heater. Specific information is required in order to determine the most cost-effective manner of delivering your new high-efficiency wood cook stove, heater, fireplace insert and/or accessories: 519.788.3788

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