Margin Stoves

One of the leading wood cook stove manufacturers in the business, Margin Cook Stoves and Heaters are hand-built right here in Ontario, Canada. With the next generation of wood burning, airtight cook stoves and heaters, a bed of ash is formed to nest the hot coals and increase efficiency. Margin's Amish wood cook stoves will keep a controlled fire all night to heat your home even on the coldest nights. Not only do these high efficiency wood cook stoves provide a great source of alternative heat, they can also be plumbed directly into your home's water system to provide an alternative fuel source to heat your hot water. Hydro, however; is not required to operate any Margin wood burning cook stove!

Each Margin wood cook stove and heater - including the Margin Gem, Margin Gem Pac, Flame View, and Flame View Heater - comes with a One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty Plan.

  • Margin Flame View Cook StoveMargin Flame View Cook Stove 

    Margin Flame View Cook Stove

  • The Flame View Heater by Margin Stoves Ltd.The Flame View Heater by Margin Stoves Ltd. 

    The Flame View Heater by Margin Stoves Ltd.

  • The Margin Gem Pac Wood Cook StoveThe Margin Gem Pac Wood Cook Stove 

    The Margin Gem Pac Wood Cook Stove

  • The Margin Gem StoveThe Margin Gem Stove 

    The Margin Gem Stove

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