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The Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove

The Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove


If you have used a Pioneer Maid wood cook stove and like the way it cooks, bakes and heats, but don't like the fact that it is only a top load stove, then you will love the Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove from Suppertime Stoves.

The Pioneer Princess cookstove is hand crafted by the Amish. The high back and shelf provide convenient storage for the items you want handy when wood fire cooking and baking. From the elegant design to the various abilities and features, this is one of the better wood cook stoves you can find in Ontario or Canada.

The Pioneer Princess airtight wood burning stove is the front load version of the Pioneer Maid but with some added improvements! See the description and features below.


The Pioneer Princess stove is finished in porcelain black enamel, which is easy to clean, and will keep its shine for many years to come. The cooking area of the high efficiency wood cook stove is made of smooth, polished steel, and it has two eleven-inch removable lids.

Front Loading Door

The Pioneer Princess wood burning cookstove comes standard with a front loading door for easier access.

Stove Construction

The Pioneer Princess is constructed of twelve-gauge welded steel with all internal parts made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. All seams are welded and not screwed, making for air tight wood stoves.

Ash Removal

Ash removal is made easy with shaker grates that drop the ashes below the firebox into an ash pan that can be accessed behind an air-tight door.

Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove Standard Features

Lid lifter, ash pan, stay-cool wooden knobs, black porcelain finish, spring-loaded oven door, oven thermometer and an internal flue damper.

  • Air-tight for controlled burn
  • Front Loading Door
  • Weld steel construction
  • Stainless steel used internally to prevent corrosion
  • Shaker Grates for easy ash-removal
  • Smooth top made of polished steel
  • Porcelain enamel finish
  • Nickel Trim
  • UL/ULC Approved

Wood Stove Installation Guidelines

Click the below link to download a copy of wood stove installation guidelines.

Click here.

View All Specifications

LENGTH 55" 45"
WIDTH 28.5" 28.5"
HEIGHT 53.5" 51.5"
LENGTH 52" 43"
WIDTH 22.5" 22.5"
HEIGHT 32.5" 32.5"
DEPTH 19.5" 19.5"
WIDTH 22" 22"
HEIGHT 13" 13"
LENGTH 18.5" 18.5"
WIDTH 13.5" 13.5"
HEIGHT 18.5" 18.5"
LOADING DOOR SIZE 11" x 11" 11" x 11"
SHIPPING WEIGHT 650 lbs 600 lbs
FLUE LOCATION Rear, Size 7" 7"
REAR 25" -
FRONT 48" -


  • Shelf with Backsplash
    The Pioneer Princess comes with optional highback porcelain shelf with backsplash. It's a handy option to keep dishes warm and and to add some décor.
  • Warming Closet
    The Pioneer Princess comes with optional high-back porcelain warming oven with backsplash and nickel decorative posts. The two doors on the closet are also sliding which makes a handy feature for preheating dishes, defrosting frozen meat and warming mittens.
  • Hot Water Coil
    Hot water coil is installed into the firebox to pre- heat your domestic hot water in your home.
  • Side Reservoir
    Is a 7 gallon stainless tank that preheats hot water for dishes and can humidify your home.
  • Extra set of Firebrick
    Most of our customers order a extra set with the new stove as this does not increase the shipping costs at this time. When you order them separate, the freight can become expensive because the bricks are very heavy.
    Side stainless reservoir
    Rear stainless reservoir
    Hot water coil- stainless
    Super Hot water coil- stainless
    White or Almond porcelain enamel
    Extra set of firebrick


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