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Guide To Wood Stoves

Posted on 28 April 2022
Guide To Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves are a great alternative to traditional fireplaces and provide a cozy and warm room for hosting events or relaxing after a long day. Here is our guide to wood stoves:

Components Of A Wood Stove

Wood stoves are made of cast iron, stone or steel. Wood stoves contain the following parts:

Chimney: While your wood stove heats the air and temperature of a room, the smoke is drawn out through the wood stoves chimney.

Baffle: The wood stoves baffle is used to control the time that it takes for combustion and controls fire gasses which is a critical step in preventing harmful air pollutants.

Damper: The wood stoves damper, controls both the size of the fire that is produced by the wood stove as well as the heat that stove produces. This is a way to directly control how warm you want the room to be.

Types Of Wood Stoves: Catalytic and Non- Catalytic

There are two main types of wood stoves, Catalytic and Non- Catalytic. Known for their honeycomb shape, Catalytic wood stoves are great for producing a high amount of heat and low amount of emissions. Many turn to Catalytic wood stoves because of their enhanced energy efficiency. Catalytic wood stoves require a lot of maintenance as it is recommended to clean the combustion piece at least once a week and regularly inspect the chimney.

Non- Catalytic wood stoves are a more affordable option and require less maintenance than Catalytic wood stoves. Non- Catalytic wood stoves are known to require ongoing replacements to various parts due to the high amount of heat that they produce.

How To Select A Wood Stove Using A BTU Calculator

A wood burning stove's heating is measured in Btu, British thermal units. When deciding on a wood burning stove, it is recommended to consider the Btu unit amount in comparison to the size of the room that you are installing it in. We recommend using a BTU calculator to ensure that your wood stove is not too large for your space. For a home side of 1000 sq ft the average Btu output is 30,000.

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