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How to Make Artisanal Pizza Crust in Your Wood-Burning Oven

Posted by Northern Cookstoves on 22 September 2022
How to Make Artisanal Pizza Crust in Your Wood-Burning Oven

Gooey artisanal cheese, decadent charcuterie toppings, savoury olives and sun-dried tomatoes, if you want to make a gourmet dish with ease, a wood-fired pizza is a great choice. There are numerous benefits to making a gourmet pizza in your wood-burning oven. From the crust crisped to perfection from the wood-burning flames to the ease of topping a pizza with leftover groceries. Here are some of our go-to wood-burning pizza tips for your next indulgence. 

For the Perfect Artisanal Wood-Burning Oven Pizza Crust, Take Your Time 

All good things take time, and when it comes to baking the artisanal crust in your wood-burning oven, that expression rings true. Conventional ovens take time to heat up, however, when firing up your wood-burning oven to make an artisanal crust we recommend grabbing a book or relaxing in front of the tv while you wait. Give your oven about 2-3 hours to heat up for a pizza crust perfection cooking temperature. 

To Get That Wood-Smoked Oven Pizza Taste, Select A Soft Pine Wood 

To achieve that oaky, rich and distinct taste of a wood-fired pizza, the flavour really depends on the wood that you use to make the pizza crust. When deciding on what wood to use, opt for simple hardwood and steer clear of pine or any soft woods as they can contain harmful and toxic chemicals. 

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