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Save Money on Electricity with an Airtight Wood Cookstove

Posted by Northern Cookstoves on 9 December 2021
Save Money on Electricity with an Airtight Wood Cookstove

Wood Stove Cost Savings and You 

Whether you’re off the grid or you’re just trying to reduce your energy consumption, a cookstove is the next logical step when you’re figuring out how to save money on electricity. Even better, switching to a wood stove for heating doesn’t mean sacrificing anything: it can even make your house cozier and more welcoming. Here are three ways that wood cookstoves can make your home a little brighter and make your lifestyle more efficient. 

Using an Airtight Wood Cookstove for Heating

Heating your home with a wood stove isn’t just a matter of chucking a couple of logs on the fire and gathering around it for warmth. There are actually a variety of ways to use wood stoves for heating, even while you’re sleeping. 

One of the advantages of a wood cookstove versus a fireplace (besides it being up to three times more energy efficient!) is the ability to control the flow of air and its effect on the flame. While a roaring fire may be one of the coziest things imaginable on cold winter nights, it’s neither sustainable nor safe to keep it going once you head to bed. That’s even before you factor in the large amount of wood required to keep a fire burning through an entire night. 

With an airtight cookstove, you’re able to efficiently heat your home without extra effort and without wasting wood. All stoves contain openings to allow air to feed the fire; however, the airtight stove’s openings can be closed off at the desired time and temperature, which cuts off the airflow to the combusting material and keeps embers burning all night in a bed of ash. 

Wood Stoves for Heating Water

Dream of showering without wasting energy? If you live in a climate where warming a bucket of water in the sun would result in a bucket of ice, a wood cookstove might be the ideal way to make your shower more energy efficient. Many of our wood cookstoves can be plumped directly into your home’s water system. Always remember to consult a professional about connecting your cookstove to your water system.

Depending on the configuration of your home and water system, and on which type of wood cookstove you choose, connecting your cookstove to your water supply can allow you to save on heating as well as kill two birds with one stone. Heating your home? Check. Getting your hot shower ready? Double-check.

And of Course…Cooking on a Woodstove

Possibly the most exciting part of wood cookstoves is what you can prepare on the fire. Whether you’re a cook, a baker, or just someone who wants to whip up some good eats, you can do all that while simultaneously heating your home and your water supply, allowing you to save on energy while preparing something delicious.

An airtight wood cookstove allows you to control the temperature of your blaze, giving you a precise and efficient way to heat or preheat your stove to just the right temperature. A good thermometer is a must for the rigorous chef, as it will allow you not only to get your recipe right the first time, but also to recreate great results again and again.

No matter why you’re considering getting a wood cookstove, you have options not only for the model you choose, but also for the different ways you use it. To learn more about how to maximize the impact of a wood cookstove on your lifestyle, check out our blog or contact us!

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