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4 Pro Tips For Wood Burning Stove Maintenance

Posted by Northern Cookstoves on 16 August 2021
4 Pro Tips For Wood Burning Stove Maintenance

There is a certain romance in owning a traditional wood burning stove. The idea of wood fire crackling, radiating warmth on a cold winter night brings a sense of nostalgia.

Despite technological advances, people still love using wood burning stoves not only for their aesthetic appeal but their efficiency in generating heat. It can save you money by reducing your dependency on Hydro. Modern fireplaces lose a lot of the heat from chimneys giving it a heat efficiency of about 10%, but wood burning stoves can produce around 3 times as much heat without using as much wood.

Wood burning stove maintenance is key to ensuring that your stove stays in good working condition for years to come. Here are a few useful tips.

1. The Chimney is Key to Wood Burning Stove Maintenance

The chimney is a critical component of the stove because it is the outlet for all the smoke that is produced by the fire. The best time to sweep the chimney would be at the end of a season. Always start the cleaning from the inside and when the oven is cold. If the chimney hasn't been cleaned for several years or you don't know how to clean a wood stove chimney from the bottom up, it may be better to get the services of a professional to get things done.

2. Check The Oven for Ash Accumulation

Proper wood stove maintenance also entails regularly cleaning the oven. Ash can accumulate inside the chamber because of the circulation of gases during secondary combustion. Check the interior with a flashlight and look for any signs of buildup before it becomes an issue.

Use either a vacuum cleaner or an ash pan and brush to remove all the ash, dirt and debris but be careful not to kick up dust in the process. A wood stove cleaning kit that includes tools specifically developed for wood burning stoves can help you accomplish the job faster.

3. Clean Wood Burning Stove Glass to Avoid Build-up

A lot of the newer burners or stoves come with an airwash system that prevents the accumulation of tar on the glass over time by blowing away the burnt fuel. Although the airwash will keep the glass from blackening, some manual cleaning may still be required.

You can clean the glass with diluted ammonia using a spray bottle and a rag. Although ammonia is effective in cleaning glass, stubborn areas will require more effort before you can see results. If you are unsure how to clean wood stove glass with household chemicals, you can buy a wood stove cleaner specifically formulated for this purpose.

4. Check If Gaskets Need Replacing

Gaskets, also known as door sealers, are a type of rope that lines the inside of the stove's door. It's purpose is to create an airtight seal that prevents the escape of heat and smoke. If the gasket becomes brittle or it keeps falling out of place, you will need to buy a replacement.

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