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6 Wood Stove Accessories You Had No Idea You Needed

Posted by Northern Cookstoves on 5 February 2021
6 Wood Stove Accessories You Had No Idea You Needed

Wood stoves are amazing in many ways. They can help cut down on your energy bills, you can cook wonderful food in them, you can warm your home, and they also look great! Wood stoves can be even more beautiful and convenient for you and your family with the right wood-burning stove accessories. We're here to introduce you to a few you had no idea you needed.

1. Stove Boards

When considering installing a wood stove, ensuring it is away from anything combustible, including flammable flooring, walls, and furniture, is key. Stove boards can be stunning wood stove accessories that are also functional and can protect your floors from stray embers. You can typically find stove boards constructed from fireproof materials like ceramic, porcelain and steel over a mineral board, and can also be used to protect walls close to the wood burning cooking stove.

2. Ash Vacuum

Cleaning up your wood stove can be quite a task when you use it often. But cleaning up the ash from inside your wood burning stove can be made much easier with an ash vacuum. Getting a powerful vacuum with large capacity, and a rust resistant tank will help you remove and store warm and cold ash quickly and safely. You can then use the remaining ash for your garden or lawn, or stir it thoroughly into compost piles.

3. Fireplace Bellow

Wood stove bellows are the perfect accessory for your fireplace. They are decorative as well as functional and can assist you when starting fires. Bellows provide puffs of air through a nozzle, so that you can start or keep your fire going with ease.

4. Rolling Firewood Cart

If you grow your own supply of wood, a rolling firewood cart can be a lifesaver when bringing new wood back to your house. If you have the means, and the space, planting quick-growing trees like poplar trees can help keep your costs low and increase your energy efficiency.

5. Kettle

If you own a wood stove, you know that traditional kettles will not work properly on them. A wood-burning stove isn't just for cooking after all with the right wood stove accessories, you can use its heat to boil water too! The best kettle for a wood burning stove is a cast iron kettle. You can find many unique styles and they can add charm to your stove.

6. Flame-Resistant Gloves

Flame-resistant gloves should be on the top of your fireplace accessories list. With a wood-burning cooking stove, you'll constantly be handling firewood to fill and reload the stove. Flame-resistant gloves not only protect your hands and arms from the heat of the stove and stray embers, but can also protect your skin from wood splinters.

If you're thinking about purchasing a wood-burning stove, contact Northern Cookstoves to ask us any questions.

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